12000BPH Pure Water Filling Line Debugging Successfully Completed

12000BPH Pure Water Filling Line Debugging Successfully Completed

At the end of February, after the equipment arrived at the Ethiopian factory, the customer completed the preliminary preparations for installation and commissioning under our guidance. As an excellent pure water making machine supplier, we dispatched employees to the local area for installation and commissioning work under the special protective training of our dispatched engineers in order not to affect the normal operation of customers, even during the epidemic. At the request of our company, the customers cooperated highly, prepared a batch of protective supplies, and fully disinfected the factory every day. After more than 20 days of high-intensity work, it has been successfully completed and has entered the stage of staff training and trial production.


Our commissioner immediately went to the customer's factory for commissioning and patiently arranged training to teach customers how to operate the machine. After half a day's training, the customer has been able to operate the machine proficiently and can solve some conventional setup problems independently. I believe that the more they can use our pure water filling machine, the more they will be satisfied with it!


Huazhen Machinery is a comprehensive professional water filling machine manufacturer, which integrates development, manufacture and sales. It has successively introduced several modern CNC processing equipment from the United States, Japan and other countries and regions. We are always committed to providing customers with the best equipment and services. At present, the equipment is exported to domestic and overseas markets more than 30 regions and countries. Welcome more friends come to negotiate and consult.


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