Beverage Processing Machine

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Beverage Processing Machine


Efficient response before and after sales

Always give efficient and timely response to customers, timely feed back pre-sales materials such as design scheme, design drawings, workshop layout to customers, and confirm the final scheme and place an order for production in the shortest time; Timely dispatch engineers to provide on-site installation guidance, and provide timely free spare parts and technical support to maximize the normal production and maintenance of customers

Use of high-quality raw materials

Always use high-quality raw materials and imported components to ensure the stable and long-term operation of the equipment; Adhere to the use of imported electrical components to facilitate customer maintenance and replacement in the future

Longer after-sales guarantee

Always adhere to the 24 month after-sales guarantee period, that is, provide free after-sales service and online and offline support within 24 months after the completion of equipment installation and commissioning

More comprehensive technical support

Always provide customers with the most comprehensive and perfect free technical support, including a series of technical data such as spare parts manual book, mechanical instructions, electrical schematic diagram, etc., to ensure the smooth use of customers to the greatest extent, which greatly facilitates the daily maintenance and operation of the machine by customers

Beverage Processing Machine


Beverage processing system specially for juice or CSD beverage line. It is composed of hot water system, sugar dissolving system (Primary syrup system), concentrate system, mixing system (Final syrup system), CIP system, extraction system, storage tank/ valves/ pipe/fittings, UHT system (plate/ tubular type). Beverage processing system is core part of beverage production line; without good processing system, without good product. The capacity usually from 1T up to 20T per hour. The raw material can be flavor powder, fruit jam, fresh fruit, tea leaves.,etc Different raw material use different processing technology.

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