Cans Filling Line

Empty can depalletizer is mainly used in unloading empty aluminum cans operations. It pushes the top-down of pallet layer by layer to the conveyor, and then sends cans to the can rinser. This machine replaces the manual way of putting cans in order and saves manpower.

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Cans Filling Line

The gas line is popular among young people. Compared with the waterline, it is relatively complex in technology. The beverage mixing system – refrigeration unit – carbon dioxide mixing system and CIP cleaning system of the production line need to be added.

The carbonated beverage production line can be divided into carbonated beverages such as Coca Cola, aerated soda water and natural aerated water according to different tastes and processes.

Type Of Bottle


Size: 200ML~750ML

Cans Filling Line

Our Advantages

Water Treatment System

Water treatment system is the 1st step for beverage factory, it is the most important process even. The treatment system can be basically divided into three parts: preprocessing system, deep processing system and terminal processing system. Generally, pretreatment includes multi-media filters, activated carbon filter, softener, iron and manganese removal filter, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration.,etc. Deep treatment includes membrane treatment and ion exchange. Terminal treatment covers ozone, UV, etc.

Beverage Processing System

This machine is mainly used in juice, carbonated beverage preparing, blending, sterilizing.,etc before filling. The equipment adopts professional process design, high-quality sanitary valve fittings, precision control instruments and electronic control components. It provides customers with various equipment such as extraction, sugar melting, dispensing, homogenization, degassing, UHT.,etc TURNKEY project.

Empty Can De-Palletizer

Empty can depalletizer is mainly used in unloading empty aluminum cans operations. It pushes the top-down of pallet layer by layer to the conveyor, and then sends cans to the can rinser. This machine replaces the manual way of putting cans in order and saves manpower.


Empty can transported to the front-end flip, can neck will be flipped down, then rushed into the can rinser, empty can translation along tilting mechanism scroll from top to bottom, from the empty cans into the rinser starts, the rinsing tube with water pressure will rinse the inside of empty cans.

It covers housing above the conveyor before enter into the can filling system. It has double tunnels for 12oz and 16oz separately and they can switch freely.

Filling-Capping Mono-block Machine

The rotary counter pressure canning system is suitable for beer can filling and seaming. The technology of filling valve and control system adopt original technology of Germany, while seaming technology is that of Switzerland FERRUM.

Tunnel Pasteurizer

The machine is designed and manufactured on the basis of European advanced technology and combined with domestic and foreign market conditions. The capacity of technology and the quality of the product are on the leading level, It is not only suitable for pasteurizing 300-1000ml canning Carbonated drinks, but also fits for any kind of packaging object such as the bottle, can etc whose height is less than 340mm.

Conveyor System

The function of the conveyor system in the production line is like the blood of the human body. The product is conveyed to every process to ensure the smooth operation of the whole production line.

Packaging System

Packaging system is almost the end part of production line but very important for transportation and marketing, without well package and fantastic design cant get the key to open the market.

Palletizing System

Palletizing system is the last machinery for production line, from here go to warehouse or market directly. It is very necessary for high speed line and high automation production line now. It liberates a large number of workers and saved big cost for enterprise as well. Both carton and shrink packs are acceptable with great flexibility.

Cans Filling Line

Service Advantages

Efficient Response Before And After Sales

Always give efficient and timely response to customers, timely feed back pre-sales materials such as design scheme, design drawings, workshop layout to customers, and confirm the final scheme and place an order for production in the shortest time; Timely dispatch engineers to provide on-site installation guidance, and provide timely free spare parts and technical support to maximize the normal production and maintenance of customers.

Use Of High-Quality Raw Materials

Always use high-quality raw materials and imported components to ensure the stable and long-term operation of the equipment; Adhere to the use of imported electrical components to facilitate customer maintenance and replacement in the future.

Longer After-Sales Guarantee

Always adhere to the 24 month after-sales guarantee period, that is, provide free after-sales service and online and offline support within 24 months after the completion of equipment installation and commissioning.

More Comprehensive Technical Support

Always provide customers with the most comprehensive and perfect free technical support, including a series of technical data such as spare parts manual book, mechanical instructions, electrical schematic diagram, etc., to ensure the smooth use of customers to the greatest extent, which greatly facilitates the daily maintenance and operation of the machine by customers.

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