Water Filling Line

Drinking water production line is one the most important production lines in the world, it changed your life and made everything possible. Good stability, suitable speed and well matched each part makes your line to be a banknote printing machine. Water is the most popular product in beverage market always as water is the core component for everybody.

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As the most widely used scheme, waterline has always been the focus of our work; From raw water analysis to film package stacking, we provide customers with more complete solutions and services.

The scheme includes water treatment – bottle blowing machine – filling machine – labeling machine – packaging and palletizing machine – conveyor chain, as well as matching code printer – drying machine;

It can even provide customers with design and suggestions from preform injection molding and injection cap.

Type Of Bottle


Size: 200ML~2000ML

Glass bottles

Size: 200ML~1000ML

Our Advantages

Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System

The water treatment process is basically divided into three parts: pretreatment system, deep treatment system and terminal treatment system. Generally, pretreatment includes multi-media filters, activated carbon filter, softener, iron and manganese removal filter, ultra-filtration, micro-filtration.,etc. Deep treatment includes membrane treatment and ion exchange. Terminal treatment covers ozone, UV., etc.

This machine is suitable for food and beverage production water, beer and injection water for pharmaceutical industry and seawater desalination system, etc.

Water Treatment System
Blow Molding System
Blow Molding System

Blow Molding System

The continuous rotating preform feeding system is tightly combined with the machine platform, which effectively reduces the area occupied by the machine platform. The preform has no overturn and with simple structure.

Continuous heating system, the heating pitch between each preform is 38 mm, which can effectively use the lamp tube heating space, highly improved the heating efficiency.

Servo motor is used to ensure high-speed operation and precise positioning.

This machine is suitable for drinking water, carbonated beverage, fruit juice, tea and milk product.,etc in PET bottles with production capacity ranges from 2,000BPH to 12,000BPH based on 500ml water bottle.

Filling System

This machine is mainly used in pure water production line. It adopts PLC to control the whole machine operation. The air conveyor or screw unit is used in the inlet part and the chain conveying system is used in the outlet part. The speed can be adjusted and cooperated with the main inverter.

This machine is suitable for bottled drinking water, distilled water product.,etc with production capacity ranges from 4,000BPH to 36,000BPH based on 500ml volume.

Filling System
Conveyor System

Conveyor System

The operation efficiency of the production line is closely related to the configuration of the conveyor line. In the configuration of the conveyor line, it must be considered that the short shut down time of the equipment such as labeling and packing should not affect the operation of the equipment in the front section such as blowing and filling. At the same time, the equipment in the front and next sections should be well connected so that the whole production line can achieve higher operation efficiency.

Conveyor system structure is modular design, strong interchangeability of parts, compact structure, low noise, easy installation and maintenance, can be combined according to different bottle type, has great flexibility.

Labeling System

This equipment is mainly used in continuous roll label sticking on bottles by hot glue. It uses local glue spraying method. It consumes less glue and has low running cost.

The maximum speed is 600BPM, which is mainly suitable for high-level drinking water and soft drink.,etc production.

Labeling System
Packaging System

Packaging System

Packaging system is almost the end part of production line but very important for transportation and marketing, without well package and fantastic design cant get the key to open the market.

Palletizing System

This machine is mainly used in various high-speed production line palletizing and storage. It uses side-entry box mode, which covers small area, has more advanced structure, more portable and stable movement, and low energy consumption.

The method of palletizing is simple and convenient to adjust. It can be realized in man-machine interface hill. At the same time, the system is suitable for both carton and film-wrapped products.

Palletizing System

Service Advantages

Efficient Response Before And After Sales

Always give efficient and timely response to customers, timely feed back pre-sales materials such as design scheme, design drawings, workshop layout to customers, and confirm the final scheme and place an order for production in the shortest time; Timely dispatch engineers to provide on-site installation guidance, and provide timely free spare parts and technical support to maximize the normal production and maintenance of customers.

Use Of High-Quality Raw Materials

Always use high-quality raw materials and imported components to ensure the stable and long-term operation of the equipment; Adhere to the use of imported electrical components to facilitate customer maintenance and replacement in the future.

Longer After-Sales Guarantee

Always adhere to the 24 month after-sales guarantee period, that is, provide free after-sales service and online and offline support within 24 months after the completion of equipment installation and commissioning.

More Comprehensive Technical Support

Always provide customers with the most comprehensive and perfect free technical support, including a series of technical data such as spare parts manual book, mechanical instructions, electrical schematic diagram, etc., to ensure the smooth use of customers to the greatest extent, which greatly facilitates the daily maintenance and operation of the machine by customers.

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