Water Treatment System
Water Treatment System
Water Treatment System
Water Treatment System
Water Treatment System
Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System

Water treatment system is suitable for food and beverage production water, beer and injection water for pharmaceutical industry and seawater desalination system, etc. Water treatment system is first step for water production line, it creats the qualified water for filling and packing line. Water treatment system material all belongs to food grade SUS304 and 316L; controlled by central PLC system. Important items like pH, conductivity, Ozone.,etc all detected by online equipment and showed by digital gauges.

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Main Features

The commonly used water treatment systems are divided into two parts (Taking reverse osmosis system as an example): Pretreatment system and RO desalination system. Pretreatment systems usually include quartz sand filters, activated carbon filters, precision filters and so on, which are used to remove suspended solids, colloids, iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium in water to provide conditions for reverse osmosis desalination treatment. Reverse osmosis desalination system includes 1 micron filter, reverse osmosis device, etc., which removes more than 97% of the salt in water. The main system to ensure the quality of effluent water. 

Osmosis System Process Flow Diagram
Raw Water
1 Micron Filter
5 Micron Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Quartz Sand Filter
Raw Water Pump
Raw Water Tank
High Pressure Pump
Primary Reverse Osmosis Device
Intermediate Water Tank
Booster Pump
Secondary High Pressure Pump
Secondary Reverse Osmosis Device
External Supply
Titanium Tube Filter
External Supply Pump
Pure Water Tank
Pure Water Pump
Ozone Mixer
Precise Quality Control


There is advanced processing equipment, strong technical force, make full use of modern CAD/CAM/CNC technology to ensure the qualified parts can be manufactured.


The qualifications of machinery not only in appearance, but also in the pursuit of the accuracy of details.  

Each screw, Each process, Each equipment, we have strict control, precision testing.


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