About HZM

About HZM

HuaZhen Machinery (HZM) is located in Suzhou city which is specialized in beverage packaging machinery field, such as beverage processing, PET bottle blowing, filling, labeling, packaging, conveyors machinery.,etc. We have rich experience in TURNKEY project for clients over 10 years.

Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, and we have established good and sustainable cooperative relations with these customers;

The equipment we provide can not only meet the customer’s demand for production capacity, but also the appearance of the equipment plays a great role in the beautiful layout of the customer’s entire factory workshop.

According to the needs of different customers, we can customize the perfect whole plant scheme for customers.

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More than 10 years experience
24 months long warranty
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More than 30 countries

Our Products

HZM machinery has more stable performance and longer warranty period, stable running machinery, sufficient spare parts, flexible and timely after-sales service, just ensure the safety and stability of production for customers


Water Treatment Machine

Return the water as it is.


Beverage processing machine

Delicious and refreshing drink starts here.


Blow molding machine

Turn your most beautiful bottle into reality.


Filling machine

Fill qualified drinks into your perfect bottle.


Labeling machine

Attach the appropriate business card to your product.


Packaging machine

Put on a gorgeous coat for your product.


Palletizer machine

Palletizer machine is used in various high-speed water production line palletizing and storage.


Bottle Conveyor

Glass bottle usually use stainless steel conveyor, and PET bottle use plastic conveyer usually.

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Turnkey Solutions

We have rich experience in TURNKEY project for clients over 10 years. We start from bottle design, factory design, water analysis until installation and commission in client factory finally, complete solutions and service for clients in beverage field.

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