Bottle Conveyor

Bottle conveyor structure is modular design, strong interchangeability of parts, compact structure, low noise, easy installation and maintenance, can be combined according to different bottle type, has great flexibility.Different bottle material use different conveyors, glass bottle usually use stainless steel conveyor, and PET bottle use plastic conveyer usually.
Brief Introduction

The operation efficiency of the production line is closely related to the configuration of the conveyor line. In the configuration of the conveyor line, it must be considered that the short shut down time of the equipment such as labeling and packing should not affect the operation of the equipment in the front section such as blowing and filling. At the same time, the equipment in the front and next sections should be well connected so that the whole production line can achieve higher operation efficiency.

Bottle conveyer frames and support structure all use food grade SUS304, equipped with SEW motors or other famous brand product, bottle conveyer must be work with lubricate system usually, so the bottles will move more smoothly and quietly.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features

Product Features

1.The individual combination of our modules and a large selection of different product groups enable us to fit your conveyor optimally into the room conditions of your line layout.

2.A continuous metering of your back-up situation, the signal exchange of the individual machines among each other as well as a suitable buffer system provide an efficient overall operation.

3.The rugged basic construction and a minimum requirement for maintenance ensure a long service life and a trouble-free function of the conveyor.

4.Almost all of the components are already pre-assembled in the factory. This ensures the conveyor is ready for operation within a very short time.


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