Today deliver a 24,000BPH water production line to our old Ethiopian customer

20,000BPH water production line to our old Ethiopian customer

One of our customer from Ethiopia purchased 12,000BPH water filling line from us in 2017. After two years development, their current production line capacity can't meet the local market requirement, so they decided to expand the production scale.

After short communication, we confirmed with them for all equipment configurations and the final layout of the new plant. In August 2020, we received the full amount L/C from them.

Under the division of labor and cooperation of various departments, the production and commissioning work was finally completed in agreed time. After well inspection, they are satisfied with the machines. Then we started to delivery them.

This production line used the most advanced technology. Full servo system blow molding machine with changable pitches technology are used and filling, labeling, and packing machinery as well. 

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