Tunnel Pasteurizer

Tunnel Pasteurizer machine is designed and manufactured on the basis of European advanced technology and combined with domestic and foreign market conditions. The capacity of technology and the quality of the product are on the leading level, It is not only suitable for pasteurizing 300-1000ml canning Carbonated drinks, but also fits for any kind of packaging object such as the PET bottle, jars .,etc with height less than 340mm.

Brief Introduction

The tunnel pasteurizer is an especially designed pasteurization device for dairy, fruit juice, beverages, beer, food and medicinal products, to be used after products have been filled or packaged into containers. This is the ideal device for materials to undergo sterilization, temperature control and cooling for extending the product’s shelf life.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Parameter

Product Features

1. Multi-step process of pre-cool with cycled warm water, spout and sterilize with cycled hot water, cool with cycled cooling water, etc. has performance of water saving, heat saving. Adopting 8~12 temperature zone design can use energy-efficient centralized heat exchanging.

2. Overcurrent protection and overload protection can avoid damaging device due to overload.

3. Less temperature gradient not only guarantees good sterilizing effect, but also decreases broken bottle rate. Temperature zone is square pipe square hole spouting, not only guaranteeing temperature demand but also not easy blocking, and adopt fast-disassembling plug-in type, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance of water pipe.

4. When bottle discharge conveyor is blocked, speed reducer automatically stops. If stop time is too long, water temperature of high temperature zone and heat preservation zone automatically descends 58℃ below to avoid PU value of beer rising too high due to too long stop time.

Product Parameter

Name Tech. Data
Equipment type Tunnel type
Reliability 100%
PU adjustment range 10-25PU (adjustable)
PU error range ±0.5PU
Pasteurizing temperature error range ±0.3℃
Layer Single or Double
Pneumatic control valve Korea
Solenoid valve SMC-Japan
Steam contorl valve Spirax Sarco-UK
Traps Spirax Sarco-UK
PLC Siemens-Germany

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