Automatic De-palletizer

Empty can De-palletizer is mainly used in unloading empty aluminum cans operations. It pushes the top-down of pallet layer by layer to the conveyor, and then sends cans to the can rinser. This machine replaces the manual way of putting cans in order and saves manpower.

Brief Introduction

Automatic depalletizer machine is mainly used for automatically depalletizing of kinds of fixed shape glass bottles, steel cans from the full pallet one by one layer to the conveyor in the outlet of depalletizer, for the next washing-filling-sealing packing process. This kind machine suitable for process of water, beverage, oil etc production line, and also suitable for bottles, cans products depalletizing works in various industries.

This depalletizer machine could divide into semi-Auto and full-auto type, also could divide into low level depalletizing position type and high level depalletizing type.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1. The main body adopts high-quality carbon steel pipes for welding, the overall outer surface is coated with stoving varnish or spray, elegant and graceful.

2. The main body of can stack conveying part adopts high-quality carbon steel pipes for welding, which has stable structures; it is controlled by stack conveying electric motor with frequency conversion; guide structure is designed for the main stack inlet position, to ensure a smooth stack inlet.

3. Two-way clamping plates are equipped in the whole stack lifting station, which can restore and correct the whole stack by transverse deformation, to prevent the can from coming off or squeezing during the lifting process.

4. it is controlled by lifting electric motor with frequency conversion,which will be automatically locked in case of unexpected power outages, to ensure personnel’s safety and prevent the can stack from damaging.

5. the lifting part is dual-rail cantilever structure with advantages of stable structure, good load capacity and high space utilization rate and so on.

6.  the power transmission adopts high-strength roller chain, which ensures a smooth lifting;

7.  the top part is provided with a photoelectric sensor to detect the location, which ensures a control precision of lifting height.

8. The can unloading process is completed by the encircling structure which limits the external dimension of the whole layer of can body during operation, and then the self-regulating driving motor controlled by frequency conversion drives it to convey in the synchronous belt, to ensure that the extrusion deformation or dumping and jamming phenomena would not happen when the can body moves in the linear.

Product Configurations

Main MotorSEW-Germany
Touch ScreenSIEMENS-Germany
Touch ScreenSIEMENS-Germany
Approach Electronic SwitchLEUZE-Germany
Limit SwitchOmron-Japan
Transmission BeltHABASIT-Switzerland
Low Voltage Electrical PartsSCHNEIDER-France
Pneumatic ComponentsAIRTAC-Taiwan China

Product Parameters

Trial ProductsCans, PE, PP, Glass Bottle
Total Power5.4kw6kw7kw
Total Weight4300kg4500kg5000kg
Air Consume0.1m3/min0.1m3/min0.2m3/min
Adaptive Size of Whole Stack


Can Stack Capacity223




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