UHT Sterilizer

UHT is continuous short-time rapid heating and cooling treatment in a completely sealed system. While killing all harmful microorganisms, it has minimal impact on the flavor and nutritional components of the product, and prevents secondary pollution of the product.UHT sterilizer is important equipment for product preservation, the capacity normally from 1T up to 20T.

UHT Pipe-type

Pipe-type UHT is PLC controlled, with optional capacity from 3t/hr to 20t/hr. The whole system is automatically controlled in four units, pre-sterilization, normal production, water recycling and CIP. With technical requirement for acidic products and temperature control for water, sealed pre-sterilization system for ultra-high temperature water is equipped to ensure high efficiency. CIP and SIP are designed for the demand of cleaning and sterilization.

UHT Plate-type

Plate-type UHT is PLC controlled, with optional capacity from 3t/hr to 20t/hr. The system works in aseptic section and normal section, for the technical requirements of filling at low temperature, normal temperature and high temperature. The seven-section heat exchanger ensures of cleaning and sterilization. Ultra-high temperature water is employed as the media for the heating of materials and temperature adjustment of filling exit, featuring high accuracy.



  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features

Product Features

1. High heat efficiency, 90% of heat can be reused after the product be processed.

2. Temperature difference between the product and the heating medium is small, so the heating is gentle.

3. It is of high degree automatic, can automatically control the CIP cleaning, self sterilizing, and the whole procedures steps; all the procedures are recorded and controllable.

4. It is of precise and reliable sterilizing temperature control; all the affecting factors such as steam pressure, steam flow rate, product flow rate are all controllable.

5. Adopts advanced polish procedure, can perform fully cleaning, self sterilizing ensures the system at aseptic state.

6. The system is of high reliable, main parts such as product pump, hot water pump, all kinds of valves, elements of the electrics are all of world known brands.

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