CIP System

CIP system can provide a decisive cleaning process to ensure microbiological safety and trouble-free operation of the production line. Whether it is manual or automatic, this cleaning solution is perfect for the number of equipment parts or filling lines to be cleaned.CIP system is highly used in juice production line, mineral water production line, carbonated drinks production line, milk production line.,etc

Brief Introduction

CIP is specially designed for the clean up of beverage production line and filling equipment, with three cleaning sections of acid, alkali and hot water, in which temperature can be set up for acid, alkali and hot water.

A new generation of touch screen operation, which is both open-and-shut and easy to handle.

It is used for inner cleaning of fruit juice preparing system, filling machines and other beverage production system equipment,. The system is composed of lye tank, acid tank, hot water tank, heat exchange system, control system, piping system, etc., According to China’s tea drinks, fruit juices and other drinks hot filling process requirements, We have developed , designed cleaning- in-place system for filling equipment with a leading domestic level.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Parameter

Product Features

1. Rationalize the production plan and improve production capacity.

2. Compared with hand washing, it not only does not affect the cleaning effect due to differences in operators, but also improves the quality of its products.

3. Prevent the danger in cleaning operation and save labor.

4. Save cleaning agent, steam, water and production cost.

5. Increase the service life of machine parts.

Product Parameter

Name 1000L-10000L
CIP Tank type Alcali Tank, Acid Tank, Hot Water, Clean Water Tank, Water Recycle Tank
Cleaning Recycle Single Circuit, Double Circuits, Three Circuits, Four Circuits
Heating Method Coil Pipes Inside, Plate , Tubular
Automatic Types
and Charastics
Full Automatic 1.Cleaning liquid flow rate auto control

2.Cleaning liquid temperature auto contro

3.Auto compensate the cip liquid level

4.Auto compensate the liquid concentrate

5.Cleaning liquids auto transfer

6.Auto alarm system

1.Temperature auto control

2.Electrical control with manual operate the other matters

Manual control Manual operate on the cleaning process

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