Automatic Spraying Tunnel

Spraying tunnel is mainly used in tea beverage, hot filling and carbonated beverage production line, which can increase or decrease the temperature of beverage products according to different processes technology. Spraying time setting from 10 to 45 minutes and temperature can be adjusted also according to different product.The spraying tunnel dimension design is based on production line capacity.

Brief Introduction

PLJ type spraying cooling machine are developed on base of absorbing advanced technique from home and abroad. With three zones treatment of circulated cooling water and the treatment time can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement. The machine can applicable to all types non-carbonated material such as tea, juice, sauce.

This machine is usually used after fruit juice beverage finished hot filling and sealing. When enter the spraying tunnel, the cooling water with the function of high-pressure pump, uniformly spray on the bottle body. The bottles move slowly in the chain, when they are out the tunnel, they can reach the normal temperature, then achieve the purpose of cooling. This machine can also be used for secondary sterilization for fruit juice.



  • High accuracy
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
  • Long service life
Product Features
Product Parameters

Product Features

This machine is integrated with those new and advanced technologies applied to most of the popular cooling equipment in the world. The newly version thanks to the three-stage disposal of the cooling water circulation, the cooling time of which can be frequency controlled according to users requirements. It can give ideal cooling effects to all kinds of non-carbonated beverage, such as tea, wine, sauce, vinegar, juice and other beverages. The smoothing and abrasion-proof chain plates, the intellectualized microcomputer control parts.

1.High reliability conveying device and flexibility speeding system. The conveying belt for bottles is high strength plastic chain net which has god strength and abrasion proof. The driving conveying adopts stepless motor which can change the speed of conveying belt easily.

2.High effective spraying system. Via arranging the atomization nozzles on the chain plate in order to spray the bottles evenly, the spraying water can be utilized completely and the spraying covers large area.

3.The temperature can be controlled flexibly and easily set. The machine adopts temperature controlling system which can control the temperature exactly and be sensitive to the response. Press the button to set temperature between 0-100℃.

Product Parameters

Name PLJ100 PLJ150 PLJ200 PLJ250 PLJ300 PLJ350 PLJ400


6000 9000 12000 15000 18000 21000 24000


5000*1650*1870 6000*1650*1870 7000*1650*1870 7000*2220*1870 8000*2220*1870 9000*2220*1870 10000*2220*1870


7.37 9.55 10.25 12.25 17.6 19.1 19.1

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