Automatic Drop Type Carton Packing Machine

Automatic carton packing machine is used for carton packing in beer, beverage, bottled water, medical treatment, food and other bottled (canned) production line. Packing with cardboard saves about 1/5 of the cost of packaging materials compared with traditional packaging methods. Carton packing machine speed from 10PPM up to 80PPM normally. Carton packing is good for long distance transportation, which is more famous in market compare with other packs.

Brief Introduction

Automatic drop type carton packaging machine is mainly designed for high end product and glass type product. It can protect the products well during transportation and moving. Product appearance looks beauty and easy accepted by market.

Considering about the running cost, we have highly approved some technology in power and air consumption, also make the machine more Intelligent and small dimension.

The package speed ranges is from 10PPM to 20PPM as optional, the machine structure is divided into two type according to packing speed, drop type and wrap-packing type.



  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1. Bottle inlet conveying is driven by a inverter motor, adopts POM net conveying.

2. Equipped with a conveying chain controlled by inverter and connect with the equipment to ensure bottles enter into each passage smoothly.

3. Separating the bottles according to the packing form, the down constitution controls each group of bottles to make them synchronous with the cardboard and put the bottles onto the cardboard.

4. Cardboard is taken out one by one by a mechanical hand with suction head from the storage room, put into the middle of the track and send to the bottom of bottles, finally finish the packing.

5. Cartons are sent into from the side passage of the machine, folded into “U” shape to wrap he bottles. Surround from upside to downside, inside wings close and spray hot melt glue. Outside wings are folded and wrapped by pneumatic device. The upper wing is closed by plate. The shaped cartons are sent out by chains.

6. The whole process is real-time monitoring equipment operation.All work steps have sensors to detect, with automatic diagnostic function, when any error occurs, the device automatically shut down, the alarm light flashes on the panel shows the error type.

Product Configurations

Name Supplier
Touch Screen SIEMENS-Germany
Inverter DANFOSS-Denmark
Contactor SIEMENS-Germany
Low Voltage Electrical Parts SCHNEIDER-France
Photoelectric switch AUTONICS-Korea
Hot Relay SCHNEIDER-France
Cylinder AIRTAC-Taiwan China
Sucker FESTO-Germany
Hot Glue System NORDSON-USA

Product Parameters

Name HZZX-20
Dimensions 5000L*2800W*1850H mm
Weight 2500kg
Cardboard form Pre-cut flat cardboard
Cardboard plate Horizontal
Power source 3Ph-380V-50Hz
Power 7KW
Pressure force 0.6~0.8Mpa
Capacity 20PPM


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