Semi-automatic Blow Molding Machine
Semi-automatic Blow Molding Machine

Semi-automatic Blow Molding Machine

Semi-automatic stretch blow moulding machine is designed by CE standard. With microcomputer controlling system, it controls various technical parameter needed more accurately and more steadily. It is fit to blow carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetics bottles and hot-filling bottles. The speed is from 60BPH up to 200BPH normally, suitable for 0.5-18.9L PET bottles

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Main Features

1. Bottle blow unit is equipped with specially designed PLC control system. It controls the whole bottle production process through a soft touch pad with time control precision up to 0.01 second.

2. HZ-III is equipped with world famous brand components to reduce the noise, save energy and produce the high quality production. 

3. Adopts three-plate toggle clamping system to provide powerful clamping force required by high pressure blowing up to 35 bars. Besides, the system has an adjustment device to change the distance between front & middle mold-plate and the position of stretch-seal cylinder required in different mold installation.

4. Blow moulding machine has a plenty of assistant units to increase the machine's performance, such as air storage unit to keep the air pressure stable, grease-lubricating unit to reduce mechanical parts' wear and tear, and multi-utilization air entry unit to meet air compressed air high-pressure single entry mode and high-pressure & low-pressure double entry mode.

5. Preform heater adopts infrared lamp as heating unit. Infrared has powerful thermal-radiation capacity, which can heat up preform to required temperature in a very short time, while the strong thermal-penetrability provides continuous and uniform heating inside of preform and over surface of preform.

6. Multi adjusting device placed on the preform heater increases the machine's agility. With those devices, the heating channel's width and height can be changed easily according to the different neck size and neck height. The mouth of the air exhaust system is also adjustable to meet different heating requirement.

Main Technical Parameters

Max Volume of product






Neck Size of Product


Mould Thickness
Clapming Force
Stretching Strock

Power of Main Blower


Weight of Main Blower



Dimension of Main Blower



Power of Preheater



Weight of Main Preheater



Dimension of Preheater



Precise Quality Control


There is advanced processing equipment, strong technical force, make full use of modern CAD/CAM/CNC technology to ensure the qualified parts can be manufactured.


The qualifications of machinery not only in appearance, but also in the pursuit of the accuracy of details.  

Each screw, Each process, Each equipment, we have strict control, precision testing.


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