Automatic Combi-Block Machine

Based on the rich experience of the whole line projects, our company manufactured this type of machine by integrating three parts of rotary bottle blowing technology, filling and sealing technology. Through the innovation of blowing technology, filling technology, capping technology and intelligent integration, the continuous process of container blowing, product filling and sealing is realized.Combi system capacity usually from 12000BPH up to 36000BPH based on 500ml standard volume.

Brief Introduction

BGF full auto blowing-filling and capping machine is designed by us at the base of adsorbing international advanced technology. This machine is consisted of main blowing machine, heating stove, auto sending pre-form device, filling system, capping system, electrical controlling system and pneumatic controlling system. This type machine has characters of high degree of automation, stable specification, high efficiency manufacturing and low cost.

BGF full auto blowing-filling and capping machine has reached international level of same products, it is widely used in mineral water bottle、pure water bottle, soft drinks bottle, medicine bottle, food bottle and other PET containers.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1.Put pre-forms into hopper of auto sending device,send to heating stove through belt and drum unit.

2.Bottle pre-forms are sent to pre-form base by guide turn table, the bases get pre-forms and then send to stove for heating one by one.

3.The heating stove has 8-floors infrared lamp to heat pre-forms, the pre-forms run itself and also the infrared lamp can be adjusted temperature independently.

4.Heating stove has pre-form screw head cooling way and stove ventilation and cool air duct, it ensures that pre-forms will not be hard warmed.

5.Discharge warmed pre-forms to outlet guide by discharge pre-form cover, put pre-forms into blowing moulds by manipulator, seal the bottle mouth and extrude the body, also inlet two grade air pressure(pre-blowing pressure and high pressure air) and make pre-form to be bottles. According to the requirement of art, there will inlet cooling water for moulds, all above processes are controlled by main machine computer.

6.After blowing, the manipulator get bottles out of mould and the qualified bottle will be send to guide, this guide can be connected directly to filling line and also can connect to conveying chain, send to bottle warehouse.

Product Configurations

Name Supplier
Main Motor & Reducer SEW-Germany
Inverter LENZE/SCHNEIDER-Germany/France
Touch Screen LENZE/SCHNEIDER-Germany/France

Low Voltage Electrical Parts

Photoelectric Switch BANNER-USA
Hot Relay SCHNEIDER-France
Air Switch LEUZE/BANNER-Germany
Photoelectric Switch BANNER-USA
Proximity Switch Turck-Germany
Rotary Support ROTHER ERDE/ ROLLIX-Germany/France
Linear Guide Rail REXROTH-Germany
Pressure Adjust Valve EWO-Germany
Safety Valve EWO-Germany
Auto Lubrication System BEKA-Germany

Product Parameters

Name Tech. Data
Nominal capacity for 500ml (BPH) 12000-48000
Rate of finished product (%) 99.5
Mould cavities (N) 6-24
Filling heads(N) 24-80
Capping heads(N) 8-22
Max bottle diameter (mm) 110
Max bottle height(mm) 340
Max bottle mouth diameter (mm) 38
Max preform height (mm) 135
Max volume(ml) 2000
Medium power absorbed (%) 60
Voltage permitted (%) +/-5%
Frequency permitted (%) +/-1%
Voltage auxiliary (VDC) 24


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