Common faults of barreled water filling machine in clean water

Common faults of barreled water filling machine in clean water

At present, the barreled water filling machine is the most commonly used equipment in the pure water production process, and it is also the most widely used desalination technology to prepare high-purity water.



The pure water filling machine is assembled by pressure vessel, flow meter and metering pump.



Understanding this assembly equipment can solve common problems that may arise when making clean water.



The equipment adopts a microcomputer control system and a pneumatic control system, with reliable performance, simple operation and simple maintenance, and effectively prevents pure water or mineral water from being filled in closed states such as cleaning, filling, and sealing.

 water filling machine


The secondary pollution that may occur in this process, to achieve true aseptic filling, is currently the most ideal pure water/mineral water filling equipment in China.



The barreled water filling machine combines the functions of washing, filling, and capping to realize the automatic filling of the whole process. It is suitable for filling mineral water and pure water in polyester bottles and plastic bottles.



Through the rotation of the handle, it is simple, fast, simple and fast to realize the adjustment of the bottle shape suitable for each part.



The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable.



The frequency converter chain is adjusted by the frequency converter and used in conjunction with the main frequency converter to make the bottle run more stable and reliable.



The photoelectricity detects the operation of each element, so it is highly automated and easy to operate.



The bottle washing adopts four independently controlled double single-row high-pressure injection systems, the disinfectant can be recycled, and there are various options for circulating washing liquid.



First of all, let us talk about the reason for this failure in the filling of pure water filling machine, or whether the speed throttle valve and filling interval throttle valve commonly used in filling equipment are closed, and the throttle valve cannot be closed. .



At the same time, there is foreign matter in the three-way control valve. If it is, please clean it. If there is air in the hose of the three-way control valve and the filling mechanical head, if there is air, please try to reduce or eliminate the air.



If the opening is delayed, the thin cylinder throttle valve needs to be adjusted.



The spring force of the fast-installed three-way control valve compresses the coil spring up and down to adjust the spring force of the spring, and the check valve will not open if it is too large.



Secondly, the pure water filling material from the rear end of the material tank has the following reasons. Whether the tank in the filling machine is located in the center of the barrel support, if there is any change in the barrel, please reinstall the position.



At the same time, whether the cylinder piston and piston rod are tight, if they are loose, please lock them.



At the same time, check whether the cylinder piston O-ring seal is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it.



Once again, the cylinder piston of the pure water filling production line is pushed back to the top instead of returning for the following reasons: the position of the flow magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch, and readjust the flow magnetic switch.



Finally, the cylinder of the pure water filling machine will not be able to work under the conditions of insurance pipes and materials.



The cylinder piston O-ring, two magnetic switches, etc. should be replaced frequently. The filling valve core in the filling head is stuck, the valve core is repositioned, and the position of the magnetic switch is fixed. The rear magnetic switch must be fixed.



The position where the cylinder can be operated at the rear of the cylinder cannot be moved.



Finally, the barrel water filling machine experts remind most manufacturers to pay attention to the details of the water production process to ensure safety and health at the same time!

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