Beverage opens the era of diversified consumption

Beverage opens the era of diversified consumption

In recent years, my country's beverage industry has shown a good growth trend. It is estimated that the sales of beverages in 2020 are expected to exceed 600 billion yuan. In the face of this huge "cake", the beverage market is even more prosperous, with new brands and new products constantly emerging, and products are still being iterated and innovated.


Increasingly rich beverage categories continue to meet the diverse needs of consumers, and the beverage market has opened an era of diversified consumption.

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In recent years, with the continuous and steady growth of the national economy, the continuous improvement of residents' consumption level and the upgrading of consumption structure, my country's beverage industry has shown a good growth trend. Nowadays, consumer demand for beverages is showing a trend of diversification, which has promoted the increasingly diverse categories and tastes of beverage products in my country, and the development of various sub-sectors has shown great differences.


It is understood that before 2000, the beverage industry accounted for a very large category of carbonated beverages. With the continuous improvement of consumer health awareness, carbonated beverages have lost their dominant position, and the market share of various beverages is changing. At the beginning of the 21st century, tea beverages and fruit and vegetable juice beverages emerged. In recent years, functional beverages and other special-purpose beverages, coffee beverages, ready-to-drink tea, flavored beverages, new tea beverages, sparkling water, milk tea, yogurt, etc. have shown a diversified and rapid development trend, and products are still being iterated and innovated. .


A beverage giant will launch a sleep aid functional drink, or a drink that can help consumers decompress and relax before going to bed. According to reports, sleep aid functional beverages are enhanced beverages, which contain 200 mg of L-theanine, which is mostly found in green tea, black tea and some mushrooms. According to relevant studies, this ingredient can improve sleep quality and help reduce physical symptoms caused by stress.


As the public pays more and more attention to health, consumers are no longer satisfied with the effects of taurine functional drinks. People not only demand good drinks, but also more natural and healthier drinks.


Facing the diversified and personalized demands of the beverage market, many beverage processing companies take user needs as the foundation, cater to market consumer demand, and continue to extend their product lines, such as functional beverages, sugar-free tea beverages, sparkling water, juice beverages, yogurt, etc. The product innovation matrix within. According to industry analysts, in fact, consumers' diversified demand for beverage products means that higher requirements are placed on enterprises in terms of beverage processing equipment and product development. So, how to stand out from the competition?


On the one hand, beverage processing enterprises should improve the processing efficiency of beverage production lines, introduce high-speed beverage filling production lines, increase output per unit time, meet market supply needs, and reach international standards in technology, safety, quality control, and management to ensure beverage product quality Safety.


On the other hand, speed up the improvement of flexible production level of the production line. Through the reform of system structure, operation mode and marketing, the production system can quickly adapt to changes in market demand, accelerate the conversion and production of a variety of beverage products, and better realize The flexible production of beverages with multiple varieties and small batches shortens the production cycle of beverage products and meets the diverse consumer needs of the market.


With the rise of the new generation of consumer groups, the huge dividends in the incremental market brought by it also attract the attention of beverage practitioners. However, in the context of consumption upgrades, the public's awareness of healthy consumption is increasing. The new demands for beverages and health preservation have opened a new track focusing on "health" and "functions", a brand new experience in the beverage industry. The change is in progress. The flexible beverage production line will also play its role, or will be a good result for beverage companies on this track.


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