Automatic Palletizing Machine: A Must Have For Every Manufacturing Firm

Automatic Palletizing Machine: A Must Have For Every Manufacturing Firm

In every manufacturing site or factory, there is always a need for the movement of materials from point to another.


Some of such materials could be finished products, raw materials, or even day-to-day materials needed for the smooth running of the production process.


Yes, as you would rightly guess, moving these materials from one place to another can turn out a really awkward, and physically strenuous due to their weight and large sizes of such materials.  


For this reason, an automatic palletizing machine is required since these pieces of equipment can withstand heavy loads and repetitive movement more than human laborers can do.


However, buying a good automatic palletizing machine that will be able to withstand your workload can be tricky, especially as there are lots of half-baked automatic palletizing machines in the market.


For this reason, contacting and working with an experience automatic palletizing machine supplier for the best product will be a good way to invest wisely in these lifesaving machines.


General Form of Automatic Palletizing Machine

Generally, automatic palletizing machine is designed to move product from place to place. But some are designed to handle one type of material such as; drum palletizer, bag palletizer, case palletizers, bottle palletizers.


However, some automatic palletizing machine can handle more than one type of product. In some cases, an  automatic palletizing machine comes with additional accessories such as the load transfer stations and pallet dispensers, which are all used to enhance the handling of both pallets and loads.


More so, automatic palletizing machines are also powered by a different energy source such as pneumatics, hydraulics, or electromechanical equipment. So, depending on what your needs are, a professional automatic palletizing machine supplier will be able to supply the right spec for your projects.

 automatic palletizing machine


Types of Automatic Palletizer

In practice, there are two major types of the automatic palletizing machine thus;  


1. Robotic Automatic Palletizing Machine

This type of automatic palletizing machine is usually stationed in the middle of a conveyor line between the pallet dispenser and the incoming product units.


While at work, the hydraulic robotic arms of the palletizer are designed to lift bags, cases, bottles, or even drums using its suction cup arm or flat pincer arms on to a pallet with a near-perfect precision of stacking.  


However, the robotic automatic palletizer can be reconfigured to work with various types of materials and units since they are most suitable for moving heavy and fragile units.  


Nevertheless, they may be a bit slower since they only place a simple product unit on the pallet at a time.


2. Conveyorized Automatic Palletizing Machine

This type of automatic palletizing machine has a feed compartment that is designed to receive product units that will be palletized.

With the aid of an automatic conveyor, the product units to be palletized are received by the roller conveyors which continuously transfer and sort the pallet, thus giving room for a faster packing and palletizing speed.


Wrap Up

Automatic palletizing machines are an integral part of the manufacturing industry due to their powerful capacity to handle and move heavy and large production units.


In order to make the best choice that will give maximum value to every single dime you lay down, identify and work with an experienced and renowned automatic palletizing machine supplier is the first step to having a smooth industrial operation. 

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