Automatic Cold Glue Stick Labeling Machine

Automatic cold glue stick labeling machine is wide adaptation range used, convenient adjustment, simple operation, attractive appearance, easy maintenance, cleaning. Applicable to food, drinks, alcohol, chemical, pharmaceutical cylindrical container labeling, different specifications of the bottle-shaped labeling work can be quickly replaced, the stability of the labeling process is ideal equipment for mass production instead of manual labeling. The speed normally from 3000BPH up to 15000BPH.

Brief Introduction

Automatic cold glue stick labeling machine is suitable for different industries for beer, wine, white spirit, health wine, seasoning, cosmetics, medicine, cans and others. Usuallly assembling with two or three labeling stations, used to stick four labels: head label , body label, neck label and back label. When assembling with high speed labeling station ,it can satisfy the upgrading of whole production line. This machine is the best labeling choice for common bottles.


  • High accuracy
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
  • Long service life
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1. Adopting PLC control system, frequency conversion and touchless sensor therefore capable of automatically and sequentially adjusting the speed in certain wide rangeland therefore of high accuracy, liability and stability of speed conversion.

2. The control panel in graphic screen allow the complete monitoring of the operating and therefore of liable operating.

3. The body label station and bottle turn plate are circularly lubricated by the pumping station before the machine’s running. It changed the style and avoided the defect of no lubrication at the beginning of the running.

4. All the bearing, bushing, and lifting screw of the rolling member have lubricating points, to which the grease is injected by the centralized pumping station, so the lubricating is convenient.

5. The cementing, label fetching and putting are rotary. The running is stable, the cementing is even, the label fetching is precise and the labeling is stable and reliable.

6. The turning mechanism of the bottle supporting structure is controlled by the rotary cam. The running is stable and reliable, the bottle turning is precise, the labeling is precise and the label brushing is even and stable. The machine can realize the labeling of round, square and other type of bottles.

7. The bottle-pressing mechanism is arm-winding. The structure is advanced and reasonable. The pressing is stable and reliable. The adjustment is easy and convenient. No bottle falling and swinging exist while high-speed running. It can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle.

Product Configurations

Name Supplier
Main Motor&Reducer SEW-Germany
Inverter DANFOSS-Denmark
Touch Screen WEINVIEW-Taiwan China

Pneumatic Components

Low Voltage Electrical Parts SCHNEIDER-France
Main Bearing SKF-Sweden

Product Parameters

Model Capacity


Bottle Diameter


Bottle Height


Pressing Head


Label Width


Main Motor Power






LJ-08 12000 Φ50-Φ90 Φ150-Φ300 8 50-145 3 2000 1800*1400*2400
LJ-10 15000 Φ50-Φ90 Φ150-Φ300 10 50-145 3 3000 2000*1800*2400
LJ-12 18000 Φ50-Φ90 Φ150-Φ300 12 50-145 3 4500 2000*2000*2400
LJ-18 24000 Φ50-Φ90 Φ150-Φ300 18 50-145 4 6000 2200*2000*2400
LJ-24 32000 Φ50-Φ90 Φ150-Φ300 24 50-145 4 6000 2400*2400*2400


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