What is A Labeling System?

What is A Labeling System?

A labeling system is a machine that puts labels on the containers, shoppers and bottles. The brands and companies are using them for decades. Through labels, consumers can easily come to know about the brand. Labels increase brand awareness. They also tell consumers about the product. Labels contain the brand name and a little info about the products. 

All You Need To Know About Labeling Systems

Labeling systems are readily accessible in diverse configurations and designs. In the 1900s, the companies were fond of semi-automatic labeling systems. Because of the advanced technology, the labeling systems got improved. Presently, the companies are making use of these automated labeling machines. These machines are capable to handle all tasks automatically. 

If you own a company that provides diverse physical items, then you have to make use of the labeling system. This system is a part of the packaging section. There was a time when the companies had to hire labors to place stamps on the product packaging. As the tables have turned, so the automated labeling machines have eliminated the requirement of labors.

The advanced labeling systems have automated label applicator. This applicator pastes the labels onto the product packaging in the best way. No labors are required for this task. The machine pastes labels on the same place of the product packaging. The operators of the company can adjust the position of the labels.

When it comes to the labeling systems, then there are diverse types available. It does not matter what are the labeling requirements or physical properties of your product packaging, you can use the high-speed label applicator.

Some manufacturers are offering customized machinery to the companies. It is a great advantage for companies. They can easily get the one that suits their wants. Some of the custom labeling machines are mentioned below:

hot glue labeling machine.jpg

Conical Shape

The conical shape labeling system is able to handle the products with complicated shapes. 

Product Encapsulating

It is also recognized as the trap and wrap. This applicator can handle the spherical and conical items. It can put labels on these products with excellence and accuracy.


There are some products like tires and tubes that are not so easy to label. For these products, it is imperative to use the high-speed label applicator. 

Horizontal Rolling 

These labeling systems are ideal for small items. Whether it is a cream or any small item, you can put a label on it with the horizontal rolling system. It pastes the label in a horizontal direction.

Vertical Rolling

This system is perfect for long and big items. You can use it on any type of large product. It places the labels in the vertical direction.

Multiple Side Labelers

When you have to label a number of items in a short period, then you can make use of this labeling system. This multiple side labelers can paste labels on diverse sides of the same product. Also, it can label many products in a line without delay.

Bottom and Top Labelers

There are some items on which you have to paste labels either on the bottom or top like bottles. For these items, you can use this automatic labeling machine. 

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