Edible Oil Filling Machine

Edible oil filling machine is mainly used in edible oil and condiments production line, using flowmeter and weighing type filling usually. It has the advantages of high precision, no drip and leakage, and high automation.Edible oil filling machine is suitable for all kinds of bottled edible oil, condiments product.,etc with production capacity ranges from 2,000BPH to 20,000BPH based on 500ml volume.

Brief Introduction

This oil filling machine is suitable for quantitative filling and capping of various edible oils. Its functions are as follows: rinse with disinfectant, automatic chain control of filling, feeding liquid level and material temperature; feeding bottle adopts air conveying (or screw conveying).

This automatic edible oil filling machine is reasonable in design, compact in structure, easy to operate and maintain.This oil filling machine adopts frequency speed control. Material of limb contacted with the material and appearance accessory is high quality stainless steel. After exchanging several accessories, it is used different kinds of PET bottle’s fix quality filling.

Operation of the edible oil bottle filling machine is controlled by advanced HMI, it realized the communication with man and machine. Function of control system is followed: product speed control, automatic stop with fault and take count of output and so on.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1. The edible oil bottle filling machine has a compact structure, perfect control system, easy to operate and highly automated.

2.Only by changing the star-wheel, arch board can realize fill bottle shape change.

3.The parts contact with product is made of quality SUS316/304, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean.

4.Rapid flow, highly filling precision, nicety liquid level without any liquid loss to satisfy the filling process demand.

5.The capping head adopts constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality and impact cap.

6.Cooking oil packing machine has a high efficient cap arranging system, perfect cap feeding with self-control and self-protection device.

7.The cooking oil filling machine adopts perfect overload protective device can ensure the operator and machine safety.

8.Thecontrol system has many functions, such as control producing speed, capshortage detection, bottle block automatic stop and production countingetc.

9.The main electric and air-drive components are world famous brand products.

10.All control is advanced touch-screen operation and realize people-computer dialogue operation.

Product Configurations

Name Supplier
Main Motor & Reducer SEW-Germany
Inverter SIEMENS-Germany
Touch Screen SIEMENS-Germany
Contactor SCHNEIDER-France
Hot Relay SCHNEIDER-France
Air Switch LEUZE/BANNER-Germany
Photoelectric Switch BANNER-USA
Pneumatic Components FESTO-Germany
Sliding Bearing IGUS-Germany

Most of the accessories of our edible oil bottle filling machine are imported. If you need to customize the accessories or functions of the edible oil filling machine, you can contact our engineers for professional communication~

Product Parameters

Model Filling





(Based on 500ml)





GYH12/5 12 5 3500 1980*1760*2700 1.5
GYH20/5 20 5 6000 2200*2700*2700 1.5
GYH32/6 32 6 10000 2950*3000*2700 3.0

If you want to know the latest parameters about this automatic food oil filling machine, you can contact our engineers for more services and wholesale prices!


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