How to maintain barreled water equipment?

How to maintain barreled water equipment?

The production process of barreled water is as follows: Raw water-raw water tank-raw water pump-multi-media filter-activated carbon filter-reverse osmosis-ozone sterilization system-filling pump and cleaning pump-water point. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the entire process and the quality of production, it is necessary to maintain the barreled water treatment equipment. How to maintain it?


This requires regular filling of lubricating oil for the rolling bearing parts, and the pump is strictly prohibited to work in the state of water shortage. Therefore, the water level of each water tank needs to be checked before and during operation. After working every day, clean the barreled water filling machine and drain the remaining water in the water tank. In cold areas, pay special attention to draining the remaining water in the pump to avoid freezing and damage the pump.

 barreled water filling machine

In addition, the bottled water equipment needs to be regularly maintained by professional maintenance personnel. After shutting down every day, be sure to drain the air compressor tank and oil-water separator. When draining the water, be sure to use a container to catch the discharged water to avoid polluting the ground.


In the process of bottled water production, it is not just the maintenance of the automatic filling machine that needs to be done well. The key to all mechanical equipment maintenance includes cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication and corrosion protection. In ordinary production operations, every technician should strictly follow the procedures of the equipment maintenance manual. The seemingly simple maintenance actually has very strict rules and regulations. Maintenance is also carried out in stages, including routine maintenance, regular maintenance and special maintenance. The main purpose of these maintenance is to reduce the degree of wear of the parts of the automatic filling machine, eliminate the safety hazards that cause failure, and extend the service life of the filling machine.



1. Routine maintenance is centered on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and tightening. Routine maintenance should be carried out as required during and after the filling machine's work. Routine maintenance is done independently by the filling machine operator.


2. The first-level maintenance work in the regular maintenance is carried out on the basis of routine maintenance. The key work content is lubrication, tightening and inspection of relevant parts and their cleaning work. The first-level maintenance is guided by the mechanical team leader, and the mechanical operation Personnel completed.


The secondary maintenance work in regular maintenance focuses on inspection and adjustment. Specifically check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and brake components. The secondary maintenance is completed by the operator assisting the insurance personnel. The three-level maintenance in the regular maintenance focuses on detecting, adjusting, eliminating hidden troubles and balancing the degree of wear of each component. Diagnose and inspect the parts that affect the performance of the equipment and the parts with signs of failure, and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment, and troubleshooting.


The third-level maintenance requires fully-skilled maintenance personnel with the help of advanced testing equipment and tools.


3. Seasonal maintenance in special maintenance refers to the inspection and repair of components such as the fuel system, hydraulic system, cooling system and starting system for packaging equipment before summer and winter.


Out-of-service maintenance in special maintenance refers to cleaning, face-lifting, supporting, and anti-corrosion work when packaging equipment needs to be out of service for a period of time due to seasonal factors (such as winter holidays). Maybe after reading it, we think that the maintenance of the automatic filling machine is more cumbersome, but it is not.


As long as we read the above information carefully and follow the requirements in it, we will find that it is very simple. The three maintenance tasks may only be a little troublesome for regular maintenance, because we have to do it once every other time, but we can ensure that the production is Orderly operation, good maintenance work is essential.

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