What is the basis for the smooth operation of the palletizer?

 What is the basis for the smooth operation of the palletizer?

Everyone knows that the daily work of the palletizer is to effectively transport the packaged goods on the production line out of the pallet for forming. The high speed and stable function of the palletizer make it the preferred equipment for many enterprises' palletizing operations.


The ability of the palletizer is easy to verify. As long as the weighed and packaged materials are neatly stacked on the pallet in a certain arrangement, the palletizer is qualified as long as the stacking is neat and does not drop the bag or reverse the pallet. Of course, in order to do this, the palletizer must meet the basic conditions for its work, that is, power and air sources.

After turning on the power of the palletizer, it is necessary to connect the supplied compressed air to the air circuit of the equipment, and discharge the condensed water in the air filter in time, check and remove the dirt on the filter, and then adjust the pressure gauge to indicate the air pressure and the amount of oil dripping from the lubricator and the amount of oil in the oil cup.

When there are no problems in all aspects, the palletizing operation of the palletizer can be started. It will go through three links, such as shaping, supplying trays, and grabbing bags. Any problem in any link indicates that the palletizer is faulty. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and solve in an orderly manner. In addition to some basic components, a large number of industrial sensors are also interspersed in the palletizer. Together with other equipment, they play an important role in completing the tasks of the palletizing system, and if only one of these sensors is abnormal, it will cause the machine to collapse.

Whether the palletizer can work normally, the most important component is the mechanical equipment. If there is no mechanical equipment, there will be problems such as disordered bag grabbing, no disks available, and can not be transported after grabbing. In addition, electricity and compressed air are also very important, otherwise the palletizer will not work properly.

In summary, the foundation for the smooth operation of the palletizer is mechanical equipment, electricity and compressed air, which are directly related to the orderly, reliable and safe work of the equipment.

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