The Working Principle of Juice Filling Machine

The Working Principle of Juice Filling Machine

Juice filling machine and ordinary water or carbonated beverage materials are significantly different in composition, filling methods and filling processes are also different. Therefore, the structure of juice filling machine is very different from that of ordinary water filling machine in terms of filling cylinder, filling valve and management system. Because the ingredients of the juice hot filling machine are filled with different ingredients such as juice, tea, coffee milk and functional health drinks, some have high sugar content, some even contain pectin and theophylline.


Juice filling machine is one of the main equipment in juice filling line. It consists of three-in-one machine of bottle washing, filling and capping. It also has a material return tank and a circulation system. The flushing bottle and the filling part do not need a conveyor belt connection and the star wheel conveys it. The machine is fully automatic controlled, simple and convenient to operate, easy to arrange the equipment of the filling room and control.

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Features of fruit juice filling machine

A. The filling machine is a fully automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, which is suitable for filling various oils, such as lubricating oil and edible oil.

B. This model is equipped with a touch display screen, a frequency-converting speed regulating conveyor belt of 8 meters, an automatic induction capping machine and a vacuum drip-proof device.

C. The filling machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high filling accuracy, convenient adjustment and easy operation.

1.Man-machine interface, directly set the filling volume;

2. PLC program control, frequency converter speed linear filling;

3. High-precision volumetric flowmeter, accurate and reliable quantitative;

4. Mechanical seal plus vacuum back suction double anti-drip;

5. Fast and efficient double-flow filling.

General process of fruit juice filling machine:

Boxes filled with empty bottles are stacked on pallets and sent to the unloader by the conveyor belt. The trays are unloaded one by one. Then, the boxes are sent to the unloader with the conveyor belt. It is sent to the box washing machine, cleaned and then transported to the box packing machine, so that the bottle containing the beverage can be filled therein. The empty bottles taken out of the box unloader are sent to the bottle washer for disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor belt. After being inspected by the bottle inspection machine, they pass through the filling machine and capping machine after meeting the cleaning standards. Beverages are filled into bottles by the filler. The filled beverage bottles are capped and sealed by a capping machine and transported to the labeling system for labeling. After labeling, the bottles are sent to the cartoning machine into the box, and then sent to the palletizer, stacked on the pallet and sent to the warehouse.


The juice filling machine is also equipped with a suction fan in the workbench. The suction port is connected to the buffer tank. The suction fan is started during filling. The air in the bottle is quickly sucked through the buffer tank, the lower cylinder and the return pipe of the filling valve.

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