Do You Know How the Filling Machines Work?

Do You Know How the Filling Machines Work?

A water filling machine is integral to any beverage business that deals in non-carbonated drinks. You might have one or planning to get one, but do you know how this machine works?

How does a water filling machine work?

There are 5 main steps of working a water filling machine. Below are the details of every step that you need to know.

1. Feeding the bottles into the machine

The first step of this process is feeding the water bottles into the machine. This part of the process requires manual input because a human worker needs to load the bottles into machines. Most machines are automated, so it does not matter how the bottles are loaded into the machine, as the bottle will correct its orientation and everything else in the steps ahead.

However, the automation features may vary between machines. Thus, a machine may also need manual workers to load the bottles correctly.

2. Correcting orientation and washing

Considering the example of automated machines, once the bottles are loaded into the machines, they will start moving on the conveyor. In this part of the process, the sensors will check which bottles are positioned correctly and which are not. All the bottles must be in the same position so the machine may correct their orientation for a fluent filling process.

After correcting their positioning, the machine will wash the bottles, and the washing process finishes with a burst of clean air inside the bottle, which removes excess water from the inside.

Do You Know How the Filling Machines Work?

3. Filling with the specified amount of water

Now the bottles will move into the filler segment of the machine, where filling nozzles will fill the bottles with the correct amount of water. This part also requires a little manual input that helps the machine know the correct amount of water to fill in the bottle.

Once you manually specify the amount of water, the machine will automatically fill the perfect amount in every bottle of the whole batch. The number of bottles you fill in a specific time may vary because of the following reasons:

  • Number of filling nozzles of your machine
  • Water filling rate that you have set according to the machine’s compatibility.

On average, with 16 filling heads, an automated machine can fill up to 120 bottles of water in one minute.

4. Caping

The next step in this process is of capping the bottles. The caps of bottles also need to be loaded into the machine manually. The machine positions them correctly and securely puts them on the bottle with the seals intact. It helps ensure high-quality water filling.

5. Labeling

The last step of this whole process involves labeling the bottles. You can insert rolls of bottle labels into the filling machine, and as the bottles pass through the conveyer, each of them will get a label attached. It finishes the automated filling process. Now your workers may pack the bottles, and they will be ready for shipping.

Boost your business with an automatic water filling machine.

An automatic water filling machine lowers the human input requirement while maximizing performance. So, get the best one that meets your requirements and boost your sales today!

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