Linear Type Oil Filling Machine

Edible oil filling machine is mainly used in edible oil and condiments production line, using flowmeter and weighing type filling usually. It has the advantages of high precision, no drip and leakage, and high automation.Edible oil filling machine is suitable for all kinds of bottled edible oil, condiments product.,etc with production capacity ranges from 2,000BPH to 20,000BPH based on 500ml volume.

Brief Introduction

Linear type volumetric oil filling machine adopts linear filling, machine electrical integrated control, superior performance, modeling in line with international mechanical design concept. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of sticky, non-sticky, corrosive and non-corrosive liquids. It is widely used in the quantitative small packaging of vegetable oil, lubricating oil, chemical liquid, daily chemical industry, etc.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Configurations

Product Features

1.Fast adjustment: the speed of converting bottle type products is fast, and the formula saving function is available. After saving parameters, one button can complete machine adjustment, which saves time and is very convenient and practical;

2.Applicable to a wide range of bottle types: as long as you can stand on the line without falling, and the bottle mouth is vertical, all kinds of special-shaped bottles are also applicable. Without special adjustment, the bottles can be placed and transported at will, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers;

3.Wide range of applicable products: it is applicable to cream and oil products in cosmetics and food industries, such as: shampoo, washing liquid, hand washing liquid, body wash, hair conditioner, yoghurt, essential oil, food / industrial oil, etc;

4.High efficiency: the filling speed is fast and the stability is good. Each filling capacity cylinder is independently controlled by a servo motor, and the filling accuracy is high.

Product Configurations

Touch ScreenMITSUBISHI-Japan
Hot RelaySCHNEIDER-France
Air SwitchLEUZE/BANNER-Germany
Photoelectric SwitchAUTONICS-Korea
Pneumatic ComponentsSMC-Japan


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