Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

Automatic shrink packing machine is designed for different type production lines. In water production line ,it is very important and in last step before entry warehouse. Shrink packing machine use film to to cover the bottles and entry shrink tunnel for shrinking. Shrink packing machine use touch screen operation, fast parameter setting, convenient for operators, suitable for various production line. Shrink packing machine speed from 10PPM up to 120PPM normally

Brief Introduction

The full automatic PE film shrink packing machine is composed of automatic machines for packing plastic, metal, cardboard or glass containers. Depending on the model chosen, they can make packs in film only, cardboard pad + film, tray only, cardboard tray + film. The shrink packaging machine can achieve an output rate up to 150 packs per minute, depending on the machine model and on the product to be packaged. Pack combination can vary according to the container shape, capacity and size. In general, the most requested combination are: 2*2, 3*2, 4*3 and 6*4. All shrink packaging machine are equipped with an electronic product grouping system and are available in single, double depending on the customer’s requirements.


  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1.Compact &artistic shape. The frame is novel and unique.

2.Electronic induction feeding film, action is balanced and quickly replacing film.

3.Isothermal sealing cutter .The seal intensity is above cooling sealing cutter 3 times, the seal is even and the life is above cooling sealing cutter 80 times.

4.Transport system with speed regulation by frequency variation, the transmission action is precise and synchro.

5.The shrinkage chamber uses centrifugal thermal air circulation system, configuration is logical, heat insulation heat preservation, thermostat precision is high and the packing effect is better.

Product Configurations

Servo Motor&DriverB&R-Austria
Touch ScreenB&R-Austria
Low Voltage Electrical PartsSCHNEIDER-France
Photoelectric switchAUTONICS-Korea
Hot RelaySCHNEIDER-France
CylinderAIRTAC-Taiwan China
Hot Glue SystemNORDSON-USA

Product Parameters

ModelSealing and Cutting Temperature


Shrinking Temperature


Max Package Dimension




Film Width


Film Thickness






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