Deliver 36,000BPH Pure Water Production Line to Ethiopia

Deliver 36,000BPH Pure Water Production Line to Ethiopia
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This new water production line is 36,000BPH 600ml, also suitable for 20,000BPH 2L. HZM provide the latest technology with 50T/H RO water treatment system, 8cavity full servo blowing molding machine with changeable pitches technology, XGF72-72-18 water filling machine with high-speed filling valve, 38,000BPH hot glue labeling machine and high-speed PE film packaging machine.

Because of COVID-19, we have a online inspection and the customer is very staisfied with our waterproduction line. After checking, we pack the machines with standard export packagking with wooden cases.

We deliver this production within the agreement of dlivery peroid, also deliver stablizer, cables, tools, spare parts etc together with water production line. We will see you soon in Ethiopia.

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