CSD Beverage Can Filling Machine

CSD drinks cans filling machine is consist of filling and seaming machine. The rotary counter pressure canning system is suitable for CSD beverage can filling and seaming. The technology of filling valve and control system adopt original technology of Germany, while seaming technology is that of Switzerland FERRUM. Cans filling machine capacity usually from 5000BPH up to 36000BPH based on 330ml volume.

Brief Introduction

The rotary counter pressure cans filling machine is suitable for can filling and seaming. The technology of filling valve and control system adopt original technology of Germany, and seaming technology is from Switzerland.

This machine adopts advanced mechanical, electrical and pneumatic control technology, working stable, accurate filling level, attractive appearance, low O2 pickup, low Carbonated drinks lost and convenient maintenance.

The cans filling machine has upper system, lower system, Carbonated drinks bowl inlet system, sending cap system, power output system and other components. External filling and seaming machine adopts all closed device to protect the surrounding clean.


  • High accuracy
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
  • Long service life
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1.Cans filling machine adopts electronic filling valve with high-precision flow meter and isobaric filling; the filling valve has the function to exhaust air with carbon dioxide. Low amount of oxygen  is produced during the filling operation.

2.All the procedures during the filling process include: air exchange, carbon dioxide back pressure, filling and pressure relief which are all under PLC automatic control.

3.All filling valve sealings are made of bellows or rubber diaphragm. There is no dead corners, which has ensured internal filling valve is sterile. The filling valve is equipped with automatic CIP cleaning cup.

4.The filling machine controls the infeeding and stopping of the cans according to the accumulation of the cans upstream and downstream automatically.

5.The frame platform is of sanitary design. Round tube type filling bowl has no cleaning dead corner. Sanitary valve matrix is adopted for media connection.

Product Configurations

Name Supplier
Main Motor & Reducer SEW-Germany
Rinsing Pump CNP-China
Inverter SIEMENS-Germany
Touch Screen SIEMENS-Germany
Contactor SCHNEIDER-France
Hot Relay SCHNEIDER-France
Photoelectric Switch BANNER-USA
Pneumatic Components FESTO-Germany

Product Parameters

Model Filling





(Based on 330ml)

Filling Level Accuracy






CGS9/2 9 2 6000 ±2 2855*1780*2350 5.0
CGS20/4 20 4 12000 ±2 3153*1980*2350 5.0
CGS30/6 30 6 18000 ±2 4800*2600*2350 7.2
CGS40/8 40 8 24000 ±2 6500*2600*2350 11.0
CGS60/8 60 8 36000 ±2 6500*2600*2350 11.0


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