Bottle Air Conveyor

Bottle conveying is a device that suspends the empty bottles blown out by the bottle blowing machine on the bottle hanging plate in turn, and conveys them from the bottle blowing machine to the filling machine under the wind force of the fan.
Brief Introduction

The bottle air conveyor is a bridge between blowing machine and 3 in 1 filling machine. Air conveyor is supported by thearm on the ground; the air blower is settled on the air conveyor. Each inlet of air conveyor has an air filter to prevent dust coming into. The bottle is transferred to 3 in 1 machine through wind.



  • High accuracy
  • Long service life
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
Product Features

Product Features

1.Except support arm etc. which are made of plastic or rilsan material, other parts are made of SUS AISI304.

2.Air blower is settled with air filter to prevent dust coming into the bottle.

3.There is an adjustable joint settled in air conveyor. Do not have to adjust the height of unscrambler and air conveyor to meet the demand of different bottle, only adjust the height of bottle inlet.

4.There is a block bottle clear device driven by cylinder. When bottle block in the inlet, it clear the bottle automatic.


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