Water Purify System
Water Purify System
Water Purify System
Water Purify System
Water Purify System
Water Purify System

Water Purify System

Ultra-filtration water purify system is an advanced membrane separation technology. The ultra-filtration membrane can effectively remove water substances, like fine particles, colloids, bacteria, heat sources, and organisms, and thus are applicable to many production processes, such as separation, condensation and purification. The capacity normally from 1T up to 100T as per customer needs.

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Main Features

1. Stable filtration effect: the water quality of the ultra-filtration equipment is little affected by the raw water quality, which can guarantee the stable and consistent water quality.

2. Low energy consumption: operating at room temperature and pressure.

3. High efficiency: the utilization rate of the original liquid is high, the waste is small, and the recovery rate of the tap water treated by the ultra-filtration system is as high as 95%.

4. No change: The ultra-filtration separation process belongs to pure physical separation at room temperature. There is no need to worry about changes in the properties of the substances separated by ultra-filtration, and there will be no secondary residues.

5. Wide separation range: Ultra-filtration membranes can be made into products with different filtration accuracy from 2nm to 100nm for different applications.

Ultra-Filtration System Process Flow Diagram
Raw Water
1 Micron Filter
5 Micron Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Quartz Sand Filter
Raw Water Pump
Raw Water Tank
High Pressure Pump
Ultra-filtration Device
Product Water Tank
Booster Pump
Ozone Mixer
External Supply Pump

External Supply
Titanium Tube Filter
Precise Quality Control


There is advanced processing equipment, strong technical force, make full use of modern CAD/CAM/CNC technology to ensure the qualified parts can be manufactured.


The qualifications of machinery not only in appearance, but also in the pursuit of the accuracy of details.  

Each screw, Each process, Each equipment, we have strict control, precision testing.

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