Water Treatment System

Water treatment system is suitable for food and beverage production water, beer and injection water for pharmaceutical industry and seawater desalination system, etc.Water treatment system is first step for water production line, it creats the qualified water for filling and packing line.Water treatment system material all belongs to food grade SUS304 and 316L; controlled by central PLC system. Important items like PH, conductivity, Ozone.,etc all detected by online equipment and showed by digital gauges.

Brief Introduction

Water treatment purify system for mineral water, pure water and other water for food and beverage industry.It is mainly composedof the following equipment: pre-treatment system (water tank, multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, ion exchanger, millipore filter), membrane system (ultra filter, nanometer filter, RO system), electrodialysis device, sterilization system (UV&Ozone), pure water tank.,etc; The raw water can be ground water, sea water, tap water or other water source, we choose suitable purify system based on raw water analysis report.

The capacity usually from 1T up to 200T per hour. The process adopted for any set of water treatment system is depending on the quality of water resoureces and the purpose of water utilization. Any chosen process can basicaly be divided into three parts: pretreatment, advanced treatment, and terminal treatment. The pretreatment system is generally comprised of multi-media filters, active carbon filters, softener, Fe/Mn removal filters. Advanced treatment includes membrance processing and ionic exchange. The terminal treatment includes ozone, UV method, and mixed bed polisher EDI or CDI processing. The current water treatment system is mainly applicable to water supply for food and beverage production, fermentation and saccharification of beer, production of boiler feed, ultra pure water for electrical industry, and water for injection.


  • High accuracy
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
  • Long service life
Product Introduction
Membrane Filtration System

Product Introduction

Multi-media Filter

Multi-media filter (include quartz sand filter, Fe-Mn removal etc.) is filled manganese sand filter and intercept the colloids, suspended solids and other impurities by utilizing the space of filter material. Its advantage is lower investment cost, simple operation and easy maintenance. The major production materials are stainless steel, carbon stell, and glass steel can also be used while the output is not too much.

Activated Carbon Filter

Active carbon has strong absorptive capacity. It’s because that a great number of micropores are attached on the surface of carbon particles, which are invisible to naked eyes. These holes can absorb all the odors, pigments, organic maters and residual chlorine and improve the water to colorless and tasteless.

Precision Filter

Precision filter is also called security filter, the cylinder shell are gnerally made  of stainless steel, inside we use PP melt-blowing, wire burning, folding, titanium filter, activated carbon filters and other tubular filter as a filter elements, and depends on the different filter media and design process to select different filter elements to achieve the water output quality requirements.

Membrane Filtration System

Membrane filtration system consists of high pressure pump system, membrane filtration pretreatment system, membrane valve frame system, backwash system, CIP chemical cleaning and dosing system, control system piping system etc. Accoding to raw water quality, we can choose Ultrafilteration System,Nanofiltration System, Reverse Osmosis System etc.

Ozone Sterilization System

Ozone is a strong oxidant and disinfectant, we use air or oxygen as the raw material for this equipment, by using a high city alternating current to discharge, thus producing ozone. When ozone contact oxidation system and use the advanced materials fixed mixing or blend to achieve the best results. Ozone sterilization system has no persistent residue produced, no secondary pollution and string applicability.

CIP System

CIP is to use the cleansing water and liquid detergent clean and sterilize the tanks, pipes and other equipments circularly without disassembling any device to meet the requirements for safety and sanitation of the production.

Membrane Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis Equipment

RO is a technology of separating solutes and solvent from solution by the selection and interception of semi-permeable membranes under drive by pressure. This technology can be applied to water treatment process fo removal of contaminants, such as inorganic ions, bacteria viruses, organisms and colloids.

So far, RO is the most advanced, effective and energy- saving membrane separation technology in the world. It’s often used concurrently with front-end pretreatment system for easy operation, lower operating cost, non-pollution and easy maintenance and other advantages. Semi-permeable membrane plays the function of interception under the compression of high pressure pumps, and working effectively to remove the water contaminants such as solid solutes, organisms, colloids, microorganisms, bacteria etc. It’s wide range of application, active control, small area, low energy consumption, and high quality of output water.

Ultrafiltration Equipment

Ultrafiltration can intercept the macromolecular substances and impurities which are between 0.002 to 0.1 microns, ultrafiltration membranes allow the small molecular subtances and soluble total solids’ (inorganic salt) pass, while intercept the colloid, preteins, macromolecular organic matter, microorganism, and the operating pressure is general between 1-7 bar.

Nanofiltration Equipment

Nanofiltration is a new membrane filtration process, mostly used to deal with the lower total solids water, such as surface water and groundwater, and its purpose is to soften (remove the multi-mediated cations) and remove DBPs, such as natural organic matters and organic compounds.

In recent years, nanofiltrations are widely used in food processing, for instance the dairy processing and etc, which can reach the concentration standard and partially remove mineral deposits.


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