Automatic BOPP Hot Glue Labeling Machine

OPP labeling machine is used in continuous roll label sticking on bottles by hot glue. It uses local glue spraying method. It consumes less glue and has low running cost. The maximum speed is 600BPM, which is mainly suitable for high-level drinking water and soft drink.,etc production.OPP labeling machine working more high speed and quiet, low glue consumption, compare with shrink label, its lower cost in material.

Brief Introduction

Bopp rotary type hot glue labeling machine is a new labeling machine with continuous operation. It is mainly used for cylindrical bottle labeling of OPP, pearl film, composite paper and other rolled material labels. New environmentally friendly materials such as OPP film are used to minimize production costs and save more than 30% production costs. At the same time, the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is a trend in the development of the packaging industry. The labeling is driven and controlled by servo motor. All electric sensors are imported from Japan with advanced photoelectric, advanced configuration and PLC HMI. This machine has the advantages of fast labeling speed, high accuracy, stable performance, convenient operation, beautiful and flat appearance


  • High accuracy
  • High productive
  • Easy to operate
  • Long warranty
  • Long service life
Product Features
Product Configurations
Product Parameters

Product Features

1.Adopt the overall vertical labeling mode, automatic label cutting, automatic labeling.

2.Microcomputer continuously variable control system, automatic detection in accordance with the feed, automatic adjustment of the production rate to maintain the labeling machine always in the best production rate.

3.OPP labeling machine Applying the star-wheel feeding, to ensure not pour the bottle under high speed.

4.Host Controller working with the frequency three-phase motor to control transmission.

5.Label supply applying the servo motor synchronous tracking cutting, specially designed vacuum drum high-speed absorption, accurate and stable labeling.

6.Transmission mode applying the linked design, stability and precision under high-speed labeling.

7.OPP labeling machine is equipped with centralized lubrication system which is easy to clean and maintain.

Product Configurations

Name Supplier
PLC DELTA-Taiwan China
Servo Motor&Driver DELTA-Taiwan China
Inverter DANFOSS-Denmark
Touch Screen WEINVIEW-Taiwan China
Label correction device E+L-Germany
Low Voltage Electrical Parts SCHNEIDER-France
Sensor KEYENCE-Japan

Product Parameters

Model Capacity


Labeling accuracy


Bottle Diameter


Label Height


Total Power




RG-8K 8000 ±1 φ45-φ100 35-140 12.0 2640*1800*2200
RG-12K 12000 ±1 φ45-φ100 35-140 13.5 2640*1800*2200
RG-15K 15000 ±1 φ45-φ100 35-140 13.5 3000*2100*2200
RG-18K 18000 ±1 φ45-φ100 35-140 20.0 3000*2600*2200
RG-24K 24000 ±1 φ45-φ100 35-140 25.0 3000*2600*2200


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