25T/H Water Treatment System to Indonesia

In the era of globalization, cooperation and communication are everywhere. Today, we are proud to announce that with our efforts and cooperation, one more 24,000BPH mineral water production line has been successfully installed and commissioned for the African market, bringing new productivity and development momentum to the local market.

The mineral water production line is not only a piece of equipment, but also a bridge connecting China and Africa. In this project, we worked closely with customer to overcome various difficulties, and finally achieved the smooth installation and commissioning of the production line.

As the mineral water market continues to expand, improving production efficiency has become the key to enterprise development. With its efficient and intelligent features, the newly installed production line can not only meet the local market’s demand for mineral water and promote the development of the local economy. At the same time, by optimizing production processes and resource utilization, the production line can also reduce energy consumption and waste emissions.

In the mineral water production process, quality and safety are always the primary considerations. The new production line uses an advanced quality control system to ensure that every bottle of water meets the highest hygiene standards and quality requirements. From raw material procurement to product packaging, every link is strictly controlled to provide consumers with safe and secure drinking water.

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